Aerospace Spectacle Unveiled:
The Thrill of the Airshow and Static Display

Explore, Experience, and Be Inspired

General Public Days at IADE Tunisia 2024

IADE Tunisia opens its doors to the public, inviting enthusiasts, families, and curious minds to delve into the dynamic world of aerospace and defense.

The visitors attending IADE 2024 during the 2 last days will have the opportunity to see various flying displays performed by experienced, talented Tunisians and foreign pilots.

Awe-Inspiring Airshow

Witness the skies come alive with a mesmerizing airshow, featuring skilled pilots and cutting-edge aircraft. Feel the thrill as planes perform breathtaking maneuvers, showcasing the incredible capabilities of modern aviation.

Up-Close with Aircraft

Immerse yourself in the static display, where a variety of aircraft stands ready for exploration. Get up close to iconic planes, helicopters, and aerospace technology. It's a unique opportunity to touch, feel, and marvel at the engineering marvels that grace the event.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere

IADE Tunisia is designed for families, offering a welcoming atmosphere for all ages. Engage in interactive exhibits, educational displays, and hands-on activities that make learning about aerospace and defense an exciting adventure for every member of the family.

Aviation Education

Enrich your understanding of aviation with informative sessions and demonstrations. Learn about the history of flight, the science behind aerospace engineering, and the technological innovations that propel the industry forward.

IADE Tunisia Airshow 2024

Where Dreams Take Flight!

Embark on a journey of awe and exhilaration as IADE Tunisia 2024 takes flight with its breathtaking airshow and captivating static display. The airshow, a dynamic showcase of aviation prowess, will leave spectators breathless as skilled pilots maneuver cutting-edge aircraft through the skies, performing gravity-defying aerobatics and showcasing the extraordinary capabilities of modern aviation.

As the roar of engines fills the air, witness the synergy of technology and skill, with aircraft pushing the boundaries of speed, agility, and precision. From sleek fighter jets to graceful aerobatic planes, the airshow promises a symphony of sights and sounds that will resonate with aviation enthusiasts, families, and thrill-seekers alike.

Complementing the airshow is the static display, where the ramp becomes a canvas displaying an impressive array of aircraft, helicopters, and aerospace technology. This immersive experience allows visitors to get up close and personal with iconic aircraft, exploring their intricate details and learning about the innovations that drive the aerospace industry forward.