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Djerba, a true natural oasis and a pearl of the great Mediterranean


Djerba is an island situated on the Mediterranean Sea with an area of ​​514 km², located off the southern coast of Tunisia and is located in the southern part of the Gulf of Gabes, Djerba is the typical example of a seaside resort that has developed without losing its soul as a fishing village.

Characterized with its 20 km of sandy beaches and 125 km of coastline and its delightful and historic charm, preserved despite its tourist success. The gentle micro-climate of Djerba is exceptionally mild and it is more than twenty degrees from March to October-November.

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Djerba, International Airport

Located nine kilometers west of Houmt Souk, near the town of Mellita, Djerba International Airport, has been operational since 1970, to improve tourist attractiveness of Djerba. With an area of ​​295 hectares and a capacity of 4,000,000 passengers per year, its activity is mainly related to the transport of travelers coming to visit Djerba and its region. With the finest hotel facilities with a capacity of 39,359 beds in 104 hotels. Djerba remains the ideal destination to host IADE 2020.

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